Acorn on Walnut

This past Friday brought an experience that I have longed for. I performed a three hour set in front of a diverse group of guests at an exquisite yet simple space that was full of natural light, and offered a clean breeze through the large open window at the front of the restaurant. This breeze carried the savory scent of simple yet artfully thought out plates by the very talented owner and Executive Chef - Scott Walton- who greeted me with a warm smile and an open right hand to shake mine. It was truly a genuine welcome from him, co-owner - Brian Singer- and the friendly yet professional staff.

Nick indulged in the Lamb Kafta as well as the Charred Cauliflower, which he described as “easily the best lamb dish he has ever had” and the cauliflower as “so creative, full of booming flavor ”. This is coming from a foodie, people. Acorn has taken its rightful place on the list of Nick’s “highly recommended places to eat in Pittsburgh.” (View Menu)

My sound was cleanly carried by the white painted brick wall to my back for people to hear in the space as well as on the street. James Taylor was my friend during this performance, as his songs seemed to carry sweet memories to those around me. I could see it on the faces of the elderly man sitting on his own at the bar, as well as the young couple holding hands walking by on the sidewalk.

Nick decided to join me for some unplanned collaborations with his djembe - the drum that brought us together and up on stage the night we met. I am not an “unplanned” type of girl, but the low vibrations and rim cracks that his hands produced next to me brought an overwhelming sense of comfort and gave me the ability to be at ease and let go of any nerves I was subconsciously holding onto. Thank you, Nick.

To those at Acorn, staff and guests, it was an honor to spend those special moments with you during your night out with loved ones, and I am eternally grateful for your quiet applause and sweet smiles as you finished your meal and headed out to enjoy the night in this beautiful city of ours.

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