It's a Start...


That word never meant melody, chord, notes, lyrics, talent, skill, or genre to me. If I were to think about it, those words probably don’t come to anyone’s mind when they think of music.

The word “music” brings an EMOTIONAL feeling or connection into the mind.

Now, the SOUND of music can have a PHYSICAL effect on one’s mind. It can bring them to tears, or bring a smile to their face. It can make them move their body to the beat, resulting in the pouring of sweat, or the connection with one or more people during a slow or energetic dance. It can teleport the 97 year old back to the dance hall the night he met his wife of 50 years. That is powerful. 


Music has always been that to me. "Rhythm Nation" by Janet Jackson takes me back to when I was 5, dancing in my Mother’s room. 

“Kissed by a Rose” by Seal playing in the grocery store in Michigan. I was able to buy some seafoam candy, though, which was the highlight of those long walks through aisles of food. So boring. So cold… freezing my butt off in the freezer section. My Brother and I would take off running up and down the place, snatching all of the coupons we could get our hands on. Or, taking the electric scooters for a spin. My poor Mother.

Listening to the Eagles “Greatest Hits” or "Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf during the summer at my Dad’s house in Pennsylvania. No air conditioning. The upstairs bedrooms were pockets of heat. I didn’t complain, as I was too young to care.

Fast forward to meeting my future Husband at an open mic night on campus, and a couple of minutes later playing “Come to my Window” by Melissa Ethridge and him joining me on stage with his djembe.

“Be still my Soul” at Grandma’s funeral.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” during Nick and my first dance.

And to the present - Singing countless lullabies to my baby boy, and not knowing the words, so we make them up. He doesn't mind. 

Connecting with Music

I bet that every significant moment of everyone’s life has a connection to a specific song. Whether it is well liked or not, they are permanently chained to our most pivotal memories.

I am finally saying ‘yes’ to performing MUSIC in PUBLIC. I want to teach my boy to act on the things that mean something to him. Writing originals will come in time, I am taking these experiences as they come, and holding my head high to ENJOY these experiences of performing for others.